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  • Big is big[L-R]: Dr. Jumba(Director Uganda YMCA), Dr. Nkaata, Mr. Mukasa(Branch Director), and Mrs. Kitaka at the 16th Graduation ceremony in Buwambo campus
  • Award Winner: Dr. Jumba hands the award to Dr. Nkaata at the 16th Graduation ceremony in Buwambo Campus...
  • You are welcome: Branch director Mr. Mukasa Herbert welcomes the guest of honor (Mrs Margie Kigozi...
  • Your Worship: Dr. Jumba welcomes the Lord Mayor Mr. Erias Lukwago to the 15th Graduation ceremony at Wandegeya campus
  • Red Hot: Red house winner of inter-house competitions presents at the 15th graduation ceremony at Kampala campus...
  • Congratulations: 15th Graduation ceremony at Kampala main branch...
  • Do like this: Cookery and hotel management (Catering...
  • Knowledge is power: Students reading in a state of the art library at campus...
  • Click here: Students take a practical lecture in one of our three big capacity computer laboratories...
  • Move with fashion: Instructor takes students through a practical session of fashion...
  • Hands on training: Students of secretarial and administrative studies under take practical lessons...
  • Equipped: At YMCA we are equipped with all gadgets. Students of cosmetology and hair dressing get a feel...
  • Radio and TV studio: Staff members testing equipment at the studio...

YMCA Comprehensive Institute is one of the Educational Programmes of the Branch. It has enjoyed a decade of rich and successful traditional provision of Qualitative Education. Its mission is to promote the moral, spiritual and mental development of individuals.

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Degree awarding reality NOT a myth...

The most recently concluded graduation at Buwambo Campus in Gayaza was simply a message across indicating that the dream is to be realized soon rather than later.

New proposed degree programs...

As we prepare to become a degree awarding institution in the nearby future, a host of new proposed degree programs will be announced here as soon as they are confirmed, hopefully by July-2014. NOTE: Please note that Buwambo campus in Gayaza comes as an extension to YMCA Kampala Main branch. This means that Buwambo campus is only intended to provide more space to accommodate the ever growing number of students in different programs. We therefore plan to have degrees offered in both campuses. The following are the proposed degree programs;

1. Bachelors of Information Technology - BIT
2. Bachelors of Computer science - BCS
3. Bachelors of Business Administration - BBA
4. Bachelors of Secretarial and Administrative studies - BSAS
5. Bachelors of Industrial Art & Design - BIAD










YMCA Comprehensive Institute is one of the Educational Programmes of the Branch. It has enjoyed a decade of rich and successful traditional provision of Qualitative Education. Its mission is to promote the moral, spiritual and mental development of individuals. The institute aims at improving the quality of Education, Training, Leadership and development of research work. It champions issues at the highest level and is committed to assist all students in developing their potentials so that they may be creative, courageous and constructive citizens of the world.

Concluded inter-house sports competitions as it happened!!

The statistics posted here indicate the true final result of the competition with Williams House leading, Mulira, Blue and Mutesa house emerging the last in the 2013/14 inter-house championship.


...Sports Inter-house competition kicks off in October Thursday-16th- Saturday- 18th - Oct 2014... All house are expected to participate as they wrestle the title from the defending champions RED House.


MULIRA HOUSE [1032.5] 2nd
BLUE HOUSE [932.5]3rd

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  • Business,
  • Secretarial,
  • Clearing & Forwarding,
  • Project planning & Management,
  • Fashion & Design,
  • Guidance & Counseling,
  • Tours and Travel
300,000 280,000
English Course   250,000
Early Childhood 300,000 280,000
  • Catering,
  • Cosmetology,
  • Computer Science,
  • Electronic Engineering,
  • Journalism,
  • Industrial Art & Design and
  • Cosmetology
310,000 290,000
Hostel [Female] - Accommodation & Meals 480,000 (Meals inclusive) 480,000 (Meals inclusive)
Registration Fee                                                       25,000
Development Fee 35,000
Guild Fees  7,500
Identity Card 10,000
Library Fee 12,500
First Aid Services 10,000
Visual Aid Materials [Early Childhood Only] 10,000
Examination Fee 20,000
National Council for Higher Education Fee 20,000
Computer (Compulsory) payable in the Term Applicable 50,000
Admission Fee payable on Admission 10,000
Internship supervision Fee (Finalists Only) 40,000
Research supervision 30,000
School practice (fee) for ECD 50,000
NCHE fee 20,000

...this page is still under construction; please check again later

Qn: Is there weekend program at ymca for diploma in computer science

Ans: No please. Though some classes span to Saturday

Qn: I want a vacancy 4 cpa. Hw can i do it?

Ans: We don't offer CPA

Qn: How is your accommodation per night?

Ans: Accommodation availlable is for girls and not gents. we charge per quarter and they vary depending on your choice (we have 3 Hostels located in the Heart of the Campus)

Qn: I need clarification am sponsoring a student at this institute and she's doing cosmetology She told me her course is a year and a half for s.4s which I checked on yr website to be true. Now she tells me it's two yrs can you please clarify this for me.

Ans: All S.4s who pursue certificates take One and half years except if they are doing internship though it should be noted that during this time NO TUITION FEE is paid. unlike ONLY diploma students spend two years.

Qn: Dear Administrator, I would wish to have more information about a diploma in accounting. How much am i supposed to be paying per term and how long the course takes. When is the next intake for the course. I would be glad for your assistance.


Ans: 310,000 per term, Diplomas take 2 years and the next intake is Aug/Sept/2014